Arborist Services


Bob Kwak of Central Valley Arborist Consulting Ltd. has been serving the BC Fraser Valley, and Vancouver’s GVRD, since 1982. Our expert arborist, and tree service experts, can serve all your residential or commercial tree service and arborist needs.

Arborist Services

Our expert arborist can diagnose and treat most threats to your beautiful natural landscape, if diagnosed early enough.
Save your beautiful trees, hedges, and shrubs from harmful pests and disease, before they can do real damage.
Arborist Services

Commercial Tree Service

Tree Service Company serving: Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey and VancouverCommercial tree service experts skilled in land clearing, selective logging, brush chipping, hedging and shaping.

Serving the Fraser Valley, Central Valley Tree Service, can quickly and efficiently clear or maintain your commercial property or acreage.
Commercial Tree Service

Residential Tree Service

Removal of dead or hazardous trees or limbs, from residential properties, as well as pruning, Crown reduction, Hydro Line trimming, Tree spraying & Stump removal. Our tree service experts can quickly and safely take care of all your residential needs.
Residential Tree Service

Tree Spraying & Fertilizing

Tree Fertilizing

Spraying of trees for pests, bugs and all bacterial and fungal disease by trained and qualified experts.
As well as deep root injection of fertilizer to enhance absorbing roots and improve tree health.
Tree Spraying and Fertilizing


Wind Storm Clean Up Services & Tree Removal

Tree service experts specializing in clean up & removal of trees that have fallen as a result of wind storms.
Including the use of large cranes or specialized equipment to assist in that safe removal.
Wind Storm Cleanup

Tree Service Insurance Claims

Tree work callĀ 604 853-1986
Arborist services callĀ 604 850-4938